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~Ai Otsuka~

Ai Otsuka LiveJournal Community
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Welcome to Cherish, I hope you enjoy the community. The purpose of this community is to share news, graphics and such.

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* Name: Otsuka Ai (大塚 愛), Occasionally Ootsuka Ai or Ohtsuka Ai
* Birthday: September 9, 1982
* Star sign: Virgo
* Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 157cm
* Foot Size: 22.5cm
* Specialty: Piano
* Favorite Color: Pink
* Favourite Animals: Dolphin, penguin, cat
* Favourite Sport: Swimming
* Favourite Movie Genre: Horror
* Pets: 2 dwarf rabbits (Choco and Cocoa)

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A piano player since age 4, Otsuka composes and co-produces her songs. She also writes her own lyrics. Her music ranges from upbeat catchy pop/rock music that can be heard in tracks like Happy Days and Sakuranbo to touching ballads like Daisuki da yo and Amaenbo.

Otsuka's debut album LOVE PUNCH was released in March 2004 and was a huge success, earning Otsuka nicknames such as "The New Guru of Love". Her second single called "Sakuranbo" stayed on the Oricon charts for 85 weeks. Surprisingly, Ai's second album, LOVE JAM, was released only 8 months after her first in November 2004. It debuted at #1.

In other work, Ai has acted in the "Tokyo Friends" drama. She also has a radio show called "Otsuka Ai ai-r Jack" and has appeared in various CMs. Furthermore, Otsuka pens column in two Japanese magazines; "Love Column" in Zipper and "Love World ~ Eye Love Pictures" in B-Pass. Kimi iro Omoi, Otsuka's first photobook, was released on March 1st 2005.

A talented graphic artist as well, the first pressings of her albums and some singles have included a limited edition picture book illustrated by Ai herself. Many of her illustrations can be seen at the Gallery section of her official website.

JAM PUNCH Tour 2005, her first tour began on April 24, 2005. It completed in June 2005 and a Live DVD with footage will be released on July 27, 2005. Planetarium, Ai's latest single was released on September 21, 2005. LOVE COOK, her 3rd album was released on December 14, 2005. (taken from Wiki.theppn)

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1. [2004.03.03] LOVE PUNCH
2. [2004.11.17] LOVE JAM
3. [2005.12.14] LOVE COOK


1. [2003.09.10] Momo no Hanabira (桃ノ花ビラ)
2. [2003.12.17] Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ)
3. [2004.03.03] Amaenbo (甘えんぼ)
4. [2004.07.07] Happy Days
5. [2004.08.18] Kingyo Hanabi (金魚花火)
6. [2004.10.20] Daisuki da yo (大好きだよ。)
7. [2005.02.09] Kuroge Wagyuu Joshio Tanyaki 680 Yen (黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円)
8. [2005.05.11] SMILY / Biidama (SMILY/ビー玉)
9. [2005.07.13] Neko ni Fuusen (ネコに風船)
10. [2005.09.21] Planetarium (プラネタリウム)
11. [2006.04.12] Frienger (フレンジャー)


* [2003.09.10] "Suika" Original Soundtrack
* [2004.07.14] ICEBOX -Special Soundtrack-
* [2004.07.28] a-nation '04 BEST HIT SUMMER
* [2004.12.01] Dramatic Songs (Avex Point Club)
* [2005.03.02] Sokuho! Uta no Daijiten presents POPS DAIJITEN! Showa VS Heisei
* [2005.03.09] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2005
* [2005.03.16] Love for Nana
* [2005.03.24] Black Jack Original Soundtrack SOUND KARTE 01
* [2005.07.27] a-nation '05 BEST HIT SELECTION
* [2006.03.01] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2006 (Cherish)


1. [2005.07.27] JAM PUNCH Tour 2005 ~Kondoru no pantsu ga kui kondoru~ (Jam Punch Tour 2005 ~コンドルのパンツがくいコンドル~)


1. [2005.03.01] Kimi iro Omoi (キミイロオモイ)
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1. Be nice to each other. I don't like flames.
2. All posts should be related to Ai in some way.
3. Any large pictures (such as magazine scans and wallpapers)need to go behind a LJ-cut.
4. You can post download links to new songs, PVs as well as graphics or anything Ai related.
5. Community promotion is allowed, but please only promote J-Pop related communities.

If you would like to promote the community feel free to use this banner if you like.
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